Kōtuku, White Heron Shades, White Silhouette

Zamm Lights

$65.95 NZD

Inspired by the graceful Kōtuku, the white heron. This beautiful bird is one of the rarest birds in New Zealand with a population of around 100-120 birds. It has attained almost mythical status because of their rarity and beauty. Kotuku occupies an important place in Maori mythology for it is said that it is an inhabitant of the other world, the spirit land of Reinga.  

The shades are silk screen printed with a black or white silhouette image of the Kōtuku.

The metal frame for the shades has a standard 29 mm washer hole in the centre. Max globe 60 watt.

The shades are available either to hang from ceiling or to affix to a table lamp. Use the style drop down box to choose which type of shade required.

The shades are available in different sizes. Choose from the size drop down box for different size options.

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